Too Stupid to Vote

I think if you cant fill out your ballot correctly then you are too stupid to vote. Essentially its like the test you took in high school that said please read all the instruction before starting, only to find out the last instruction is to not take the test.

I mean come on its got a freaking arrow pointing at the hole. Maybe there is a large concentration of idiots living in Florida, and now we have exposed them. I would sure hate to see a recount go to that weak ass Gore.


How do you feel about the fact that the guy who authorized the use of this particular ballot is the brother of Gore's senior campaign advisor? That little fact was revealed on MSNBC last night. It is also identical to a ballot from another state. I can't remember which state but I think it was in the midwest. They didn't have a problem using the ballot. Oh there is more last night one of Gore's campaign advisors was spouting off about how many votes Buchannan recieved in this area was due to the fact of the confusing ballot. But when confronted with the fact that this is the largest concentration of registered Reform Party voters in the US he had no idea what to say he was visibly PISSED. My wife and I both got a big kick out of that. My parents just happen to live in Palm Beach and my 65 year old mom said " You would have to be a FRIGGIN idiot not to know who you were voting for, If they can't comprend any better than that they shouldn't be able to vote." By the way she is a Democrat!!!!!!!

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