Super Sherpa vs. KLR250?

Just wondering if someone could tell me the general differences between a Super Sherpa 250 and a KLR250. I have a DRZ400s, but my Dad is looking to get something smaller, lower, and lighter, and I thought the 250 would be a good machine. There is a used '02 Super Sherpa for sale, and I just wanted to see what the main differences were from the KLR. I looked at the Kawasaki site and the SS is not listed at all :naughty: Are they still selling it?

I did a search here, and it sounds like the SS has slightly less suspension, and power than the KLR as well as an electric start. Is this about it or is there more? Also, if they are still selling the SS new, what are people paying OTD?

Thanks for any feedback.

They stopped selling them in the US for 2005, although you can still

get them in Canada.

With some decent tires and a KLR high front fender, they make

excellent woods bikes. Just avoid huge air.

If you have a chance to grab a used one, I would do it.


Depending on your Dad's age, the Super Sherpa might just be the ticket.

It's been awhile since I rode off road on a motorcycle, and I'm just getting back into it. I must say that the KLR650 is a great bike to ride on road and a challenge to ride off road.

We were out with a group yesterday, lot's of KLR650's, a couple of KLR250's and one Super Sherpa. The guy on the Super Sherpa rode it like he stole it! I asked him at the end of the day how he liked (I've ridden with him a lot and he normally rides an Africa Twin) the Sherpa. "It's a lot more fun being on the Sherpa. It's lighter, responds well and it has 'the button' on it."

If you can find a reasonably priced Super Sherpa, buy it. Or tell me where it is.

Is the super sherpa air cooled two valve SOHC vs the liquid cooled DOHC 4 valve of the KLR? Or is the ss the same except air cooled?

I have both (my wife has the Sherpa and I have the KLR250). They share no parts that I know of. The KLR250 is a much older design.

The SS is similar to a KLX300, except with loads of street gear, dumbed-down suspension, E-start and air cooling. It is four valves DOHC, adjustment is shims.

The SS is a nicer finished bike (better build quality), is tons of fun to ride, and the e-start is nice. I really like it. I like the KLR250 because of the longer travel suspension (in the rear at least) and because it's already so ugly I don't mind bouncing it off trees and rocks.


Hi, I don't know alot about the differences but I can tell you that the Super Sherpa is a very user friendly bike. I have taught many people how to ride my wifes. It is great for tearing around the yard and trips around town. With a 6 speed transmission it easily cruises along at 70 mph. and sips gas. I can idle around the yard at 4 mph and make it go anywhere I want(sort of like a trials bike). These tend to warm up slow but once warm never miss a beat. They tend to be a little hard to start after sitting for several days. Lean mixture??? I get around the hard start by taking my thumb and partially blocking the exhaust while I crank it. which makes it run instantly. The fork lock is at the key switch and so easy to use it becomes a habit.

My wife loves it and will never let me get rid of it.

The only down side I have noticed is the army green color scheme???.My wifes has the gold anodized wheels and they look really cool.

It is an easy bike to grow out of so if rocket launching and rooster tail turns are in your future then you might want to pass on the sherpa. But for an all around good on off road mix I would highly recommend one. rko

The only down side I have noticed is the army green color scheme???.My wifes has the gold anodized wheels and they look really cool.

we made our sherpa black to match my DRZ...



the sherpa is a great little bike. i have to say for me it would be perfect with like a DR350 motor in it, but as is it's a blast and has plenty of power for tooling around on trails. one other thing to note between it and the klr is that the sherpa has rear disc brakes...which is nice...since i hate drums on new motorcycles.

the klr is a better bike imo

The super sherpa has rear disc brakes (better), the klr250 has a rear drum.

The sherpa has an electric start, the klr250 does not.

The sherpa is air cooled (fins on the DOHC help cool better as part of the engineering), the klr250 is water cooled. Your call on this one, but I think the air cooled is lower maintenance and better for crashes, if you don't have a rad.

The sherpa has 6 gears, and does very nicely riding the small highways, the klr250 I'm not sure.

I pretty sure the sherpa is a little lower in height.

I think the sherpa is a much better bike.

I have owned a KLR650 and DRZ400s. I now own a sherpa. Not as much power, but not near as poor as you would suspect. I think the decision comes down to a couple key things. The KLR250 has a better suspension. If you ride hard and fast in the woods, then the KLR250 or KLX300 is a better choice. The other thing is the riders own size. I think anyone over 5'10", should look at a different bike than the sherpa and if you're over 200lbs, 300-400cc's and up big fella.

my 2cents.

for the US model KLR 250 just go to the main Kawasaki site

some great resources for info on the KL250 Super Sherpa VS. the KLR 250 are:

at Yahoo groups -

Super Sherpa KL250

Kawasaki links:

Canadian Kawasaki links

Canadian Super Sherpas at Kawasaki siteCanada does not carry the KLR 250 but still carries the Super Sherpa.

Austrailian Kawasaki Sherpa site They have both the KLR 250 and the Super Sherpa available in the same market.

New Dual purpose Kawasaki bikes in Europe are mostly Twins not singles anymore with the New KLV 1000 and KLE 500.

Can thes be brought to the U.S.?And more importantly...does any know of you can ride these in Californiastan?



Even though I don't see any posted responses to you, I thought you might have found some answers. I share your Californiastan Sherpa quest. I fear, tho, that we might be doomed by the emissions rakshasa.

Looking forward and backward, expanding and contracting,


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