static or race sag??

I've seen a few threads talking about sag measurements for a brp. Seems most say start with 100 mm. Do you guys set the static sag first and then check the race or just set the race? I checked my static sag and it was 31.75 mm. What should the static numbers be? Thanks

static sag is used to determine if you have the right spring. set the race sag first then check the static.

Hmmm, I was tought with KTM's to set the static and check the race. Maybe my buddy didn't know WTH he was talking about!

just got my suspension back and was told to set race sag between 4.250 to 4.375the static sag was when i take it off the stand it settles just a bit I'm good to go .hope thats right.

The KTMs with no linkage do have a different sag procedure than others so forget about anything you heard about the KTM. A good starting point for race sag on any linkage suspension bike is about 1/3 of the total rear wheel travel. Now if you want to get better straight line and sand wash stability then increase sag and if you want easier cornering then decrease sag. Now check static sag. Should be around 3/4" to 1-1/2". If much less than this range you may need stiffer spring and if more you may need softer spring; just opposite of what you might think.

Everything I've ever read states to set static sag first, check race sag. (and no I don't read the suspension part of TT)

If you have the correct spring for your weight, this should put you right on the money.

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