Feels like wheel wobble

i've today ridden my pig after changing the rear tyre from the stock Dunlop from new, bikes now done 460 miles from new and i put on as a replacement an nobbly 110 100 18 tyre (cant remember the make) I think its Tellaborg or similar name.

Put the wheel on tyre inflated to 22psi fitted it nice and square in the swing arm and chain is correct tension everything fitted correctly etc etc

when i now accellerate on the road (small country lanes upto 45-50mph)there seems to be what feels like an intemittant wobble during accelleration i stopped the bike and checked everything thinking the hub nut was loose but everything is tight

anyone care to suggest wot could be wrong i put it down to different characteristics of the tyre or i not used to how the bike handled before with a pretty worn stock soft compound nobbly dunlop.

the replacement tyre is still knobbly but harder compound. Would this really change the bikes handling characteristics so dramatically?



were the tires balanced ???

no i just took it to a tyre place and asked them to swap it over


Some tires require a break in period. However any knobby on the street is gonna feel, "off" a bit. I'd try going for 16-17 psi on the road and see if it helps. With the stiffer carcas of a harder terrain tire you should be able to reduce your psi a bit.

were the tires balanced ???


if it's a big honking knobby don't be suprised when it feels soft or wobbles- it is! Only thing to do is gas on!

i'll air down a little and see how it goes with that



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