Throttle Stop

Another quick question, where do i start with changing the throttle stop on my wr 426, is it worth it cutting the screw or buying a yzf throttle stop.

thanks for any input.

on my '05 i had to remove the smog pump, im not sute if your bike has one or not. but its located on the side of the carb that faces the back wheel. it will take forever to get it out because you can only turn the screw like 1/8 of a turn at a time. i went out and bought the YZ screw but i didnt want to risk cutting it too short resulting in the needle slipping out of the jet and the throttle getting stuck open, and at the same time i didnt want to cut it not short enough resulting in less power. so in my opinion just go out and spend 13 bucks, its well worth it for the amount of power youll get out of the bike. also, the gray wire did alot of good as well. i think that these were the two best mods i did.

Cut the screw if you want to save a few bucks, just make sure that

you remove any burr's and put a slight bevel on the end like stock.

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