what year 426?

I'm looking to buy a yzf426 but i'm not sure what years to lookout for. I've heard things about the valves on the 00 not being titanium, but what should i look for? If any one has any info before i drop some cash on a lemon i would greatly appreciate it.

they are hard to start without the auto decompression. anything else youll have to ask them.

I have a 2000, the bike is rock solid, I have no issues with it what so ever.

The 200 had issues with the Clutch and the counterbalanceer keyway loosening.

Simple maintanaince will correct htis and a 01 clucth mod will take care of the clutch chatter. Or a Rekluse Zstart clutch

as far as what one or year, honestly all the 426's are great, I would if you can target on a 02

All 426's are stones. There are no lemons. The '02 is better only because Yamaha continuously refines their product. The clutch and balancer situations are true enough, but the stainless valves in the '00 are not a handicap.

Machinery just doesn't get any more dependable.

The only problem with a 426 is that you'll never be able to wipe the grin off your face after riding one! Any year 426 is solid... if it's been well taken care of. You can't go wrong with any year 426, but if I were you I'd go for the newest one I could afford that was in decent shape. 01 saw some carb updates and improved clutch, 02 got a new upper triple clamp, 01-02 had ti valves, other than that they are all basically the same.

Some people tend to bag on the 2000 model, but mine has been solid, no problems other than some minor fiddling.

The 2001 I bought used, and that has been a different story..... :naughty:

I guess the biggest thing is how the previous owner took care of it.......or didn't. :naughty:

get the newest one you can afford.

i have an 02 and just rode an 04 crf450!! man what a differance. my 2nd lap on the honda was faster than my fastest lap on the 426. the weight feels so much better and so do the brakes and power. i was so bummed. i never should have rode it, and then i wouldn't have known!

they are hard to start without the auto decompression. anything else youll have to ask them.

This is incorrect, my 01' starts extremely easily. I can even start it with flip-flops on. They all seem to be solid, the newer the model the more refined it is.


As John, Satch, Cowboy and the others said the 426 are all good solir and reliable performers. My '02 has been a pleasure for me. I installed a Dr.D Hot Start kit, installed the 450 decompression exhaust cam, installed a Pro Circuit T-4 exhaust system and the Light Speed CR style brake routing on the front disk. These are strictly personal preference things. Other mods were an engineer being fascinated with something :naughty: and ergonomic preferences.

Most of us know each other so maybe we are skewed but I would venture a guess that the others here at TT will back us up. I race mine and do a lot of practice track time and other than oil changes, filter cleaning and oil and chain lube/tension I have no complaints and my valve lash checks have been spot on the whole time.

You are at the right site for 426 thumper information and tech pointers. Just use the search function for most questions and you will find things have pretty well been hashed out on these bikes. Good luck and keep us informed on your choice.

Bill Barnard

I have a 2000 426 and have had a few really weird problems. Number 1- piston split right in half, put in a wiseco and had no prolems since(didn't even have to do anything with the cylinder it was fine). Second problem- clutch basket cracked all the way through on the part where the gear is rivited on. Third and most recently the CDI took a crap( bike ran but only ran good down low, absolutly no power in the middle and top) Swapped with a buddy and figured it out after three months of playin around. Other than that the things are BEASTS. I love mine.

Thank all of you so much. I have really learned alot in the past few days. I can happily say that i am now the proud owner of a 2001 yz 426. I picked it up sunday and got what i think is a great deal considering the imaculate shape it is in. ($2500) Once again thank you all for your help. i'll be sure to visit the site as much as possible.

thanks every body for all your help. i picked up an 01 yesterday and couldn't be happier. this thing really is a power house!!!

I hope you'll love yours as much as I have mine('02 YZ426f). I got it a few months back and I'll never look at a Honda again (no offense Honda guys). I'll be buying variations of this bike for years. I can't wait for a few years from now when I buy the aluminum frame 450 :naughty:

My '01 426 is the best bike i've ever had... :naughty:

I love my 01' , I think it riddes like a cadilac compared to my old 125 two-smoker. Just get the kicking down, it took me a little while to get the hang of it.

01' is a solid year, have fun!

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