No Toil

Anyone use No-Toil products and what do yo think. Thanks

I've been using No-toil for quite some time, with nothing but great results. I find it much easier to clean the filter, in oppose to other products.

I've been using No-Toil for about 3 years and love it. I also use Ready Racing filters, but when I have to clean one, I'll only use No-Toil. Performance is just as good as any big name brand, but no one can touch how easy it is to clean. I giggle every time I wash my filter in the kitchen sink. My wife doesn't even know because the sink is cleaner than it was before I started. One tip. You can easily clean two filters with one dosage that no-toil recommends using (I think a 1/4 cup). The cleaning solution last forever. My .02.

I have used it for about 3 years as well. It works great it's hard to believe how clean you can get your air filter using this stuff.

I think Twin Air has now come out with a similar product.

I hear No Toil will eat the glue on a Uni Filter but I asked the people at Twin Air and they said it was safe to use it with their air filters. Sometimes it's hard to find the No Toil filters.

Nothing but No Toil in my bike. I swapped my stock air filter for No Toil filter and have used it exclusively since I bought the bike. Awesome.

Guess I am going to go with No-Toil. Thanks for the replys :naughty:

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