Fork Oil Level for a CR250R


does anyone Know if the Fork Oil Levels for a 2003 CRF450

are the same as a 2002 CR250R

I have the manual for the CRF and I need to do the fork seals on the

CR so does anyone know what the internal and external levels are??

well the internal is like a shock, ( well it is a shock ) you just do it like the manuel states----10 or 20 mm above the lip and insert the base valve and cap and pump down twice or so and you will hear it bleed, and you just dump off the excess out the bleed hole,--very simple.

as far as the outer oil height you have a range just like any other showa tc would be, ----330cc to 425cc or so ,

if i remember correctly the 02 250 2 stroke had 373 cc of oil as the stock height,

Right on I wasn't sure if they where the same or not

thanks for the help I am going to do the seals today

I knew about the inner levels it just didn't click thanks again

The 2002 is 10-20mm above the lip, but the 2003 beyond is 40-50mm above the lip.

Great thanks for the Info.


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