Trick Dual Sport pics

looks cool, is that a John Deere tractor tire on the rear?

Tera-Flex. :naughty: It's an awesome off-road tire but gets a little squirrelly on pavement though. I'm actually going to replace it with a Kenda K-270, since I'll be spending quite a bit of time on the black top.

NICE! :naughty: I hadn't seen a headlight with the blinkers in them Coll looking and outta the way!

Did you have to change the chain or sprockets to get your tire to fit? I just got the Teraflex II and I have about 1/8 " clearance in the front so I have a 13 tooth sprocket on order. I hope it will work w/ my stock chain. Just wondering how you got yours to fit?? :naughty:

I'm running a 13/48 with stock chain. It's geared a little low for me now so I have a 47 on order. I'm hoping the 14/47 will give me just enough clearance.

awesome pics.

Nice looking BRP........... :naughty:


Nice bike bro....I'm trying to build /register my 2003 like your's. I sent you a pm if you have the time.. Thanks


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