Aftermarket 426 muffler

I looking to replace my FMF Q which, for whatever reason, keeps falling apart. I'm looking at the White Brothers E2 FIM version to keep the sound down. Any opinions on what works? I've got a 2001 WR426.

Strange... my Q also has been falling apart on me. I too am interested in seeing what you guys use.

So what muffler will give me the performance of the open stocker, and still pass the michigan sound test. It runs so much better without the gytr insert :naughty:

I put the white bros. e series muffler/tailpipe on my sons 426 and its been a great pipe. Hate dealing with white bros tho. Parts take FOREVER. I had to put a deflector on it because it was working the rear fender. Plus you can add or remove plates to your liking. and put whatever kind of tip on it you want.

When I ordered the pipe it took 2 weeks and they still didn't have it. I found one on the wall in another shop and bought it. then went and got my money back on the one I ordered. The deflector took 3 weeks to get. and all this with white bros having a place in Orange County. freeking 45 min away from me. Go figure. I love the pipe tho. But I wouldn't buy white bros again just because of the experience I had with them. :naughty:

How does it perform compared to the open stocker? Will it pass the 96 bd sound test?

I'm interested in the sound also as I ride dual sport, state parks and forest service land. I need it to tame the bark on the wr!

I have been considering a fmf q pipe....why/how is it falling apart? Thanks

I put the Yoshimura RS-3 on my wr426. and I have been very happy with it. It has a very nice build quality to it. I have done a sound test on it; however, I do know that they make some type of quiet insert for it.

The end cap is attached to the can by rivots. These eventually loosen up and the end cap comes loose. This has happened three times to me, each time after having only a few hours on the pipe after being rebuilt by FMF. It's frustrating and expensive to send the pipe back to fmf...

How does it perform compared to the open stocker? Will it pass the 96 bd sound test?

I don't know if this question was for me. but the WB E-series will pass the 96db test. and seemed to open it up a bit. and so far its been bullet proof. I run the titanium WB head pipe with it as well. But the E-series S-BEND is a slip on and will fit your factory head pipe as well. and of course it's U.S.F.S approved :):D

How many disks are you running? Is the WB head pipe bigger, and was it worth the dough?

How many disks are you running? Is the WB head pipe bigger, and was it worth the dough?

Ya know what. I couldn't tell ya. it was on the bike when I bought it. I just added the slip on. The previous owner changed it out after he munched his other one. He said it helped, I have read that on stockers you have to loosen the head pipe to get to the oil filter cover bolts? Cant speak first hand, but I know you don't have to do that with the WB head pipe. Probably a little different bend. And stock it comes with I think 6 discs installed on it in the box. It comes with another 6 or so. I think I have 7 or 8 in it right now. The slip on also came with a WB air filter in the box :)

I have a Muzzy complete system for my 05. I went with the Stainless header and Titanium muffler. I sometimes stare at it in awe because the craftsmenship is so fancy. I've had zero complaints so far. It has an insert that supposedly gets the sound level down to 94 dba, and you have the option of running it with or without a spark arrestor, as welll as just going fully open. Also, nobody has them, so the "cool" factor is high. I think the craftsmenship is so good becuase they, like Yosh, cater mostly to picky street bike riders.

I run it with the sparky and no silent insert. It's anything but annoyingly loud. It also retains the stock heat shield, so no burned boots.

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