2002 426 overheating

I have a 02 426 w a overheating problem i thought it was just because i was riding it slow one day through a small canyon but today i started it and it started leaking out of a small hole just below the impeller/ water pump any ideas./////////////

It is your outer water pump seal that has failed. This is a very common and easy to fix problem. It is designed to leak out of that weep hole so the fluid doesn't go into you oil and raise cain. It is also best to replace the inner seal while you are at it. It is an easy fix and should take 1-2 hours for the average joe. The earlier years of yzf's also had problems with the water pump shafts wearing a groove in them and then this would in turn ruin the seal. This happened to my 99', but I have not heard of it in the newer year 426's and have had no issues with my 01' . Anyways, have a look at the shaft while you are in there, but there IS one machined groove in the shaft, so don't let it fool you,,,,compare it to a new one and ask your dealer if it needs replacing to save some $ if you don't need one.

Best of luck and hope this helps,


i think the seals are bad. i had the same problem with my 125. there was 2 seals on that bike which used the same hole to show if they were bad. don't know if the 426 is the same.

there IS one machined groove in the shaft, so don't let it fool you
A groove worn in by a seal will not have a machined look, but rather, it will be rounded, polished, and a bit irregular in shape. It's pretty easy to distinguish.

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