Ken Sean Mirrors - A+++++ ;)

Another TT's asked me how I liked the "Ken Sean" fold-away mirrors:

They work great. As they wear out over the course of a year, they tend not to stay in place at speed, or at high head-winds. They are far cheeper than stock! They extend out as far as OEM's, but tuck away nicely in the space between the handlebars and the speedometer housing. I found them through ParkerYamaha, but you should be able to find them through many regular motorcycle shops. (The URL has a picture too)


Ken Sean Mirrors

I use the same mirrors and like them pretty well compared to others I've tired.

If you tighten the nuts, that thing won't budge at 85mph, at least mine never did :naughty:

It did however, bust off when we dropped the bike off the side of my buddies truck.

Yeah, that's one of the reasons I like them. They're solid when tightened down and vibration is minimal at speed and you can actually see something behind you to a point. I liked the dual star mirrors the best for aesthetics :D, but I couldn't see squat from them and I got pulled over and warned by the local fuzz for these mirrors, so I had to ditch them :naughty:

A while back I caught some kid in the corner of my mirror in a caged rice rocket coming up quickly and he passed me on the right in a wide single lane road and then blew through a red light at the corner that I had planned to turn on. After that instance, I was even more glad I had a mirror with some functionality to it. All this bike talk has me itchen to go for a ride, so I'm off for a quick loop while my wife is out for a short while on one of her horses. If I can get back and be lying with ice on my back and ice on my knee before she gets back, she'll never be the wiser :naughty:

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