Mirror for the pig?

What type of mirrors have you guys found work the best for your piggies? I do mostly trail riding but need something for legality reasons when I hit the dirt roads between trails. The last one I had velcroed on the handgrip but finally groke off after whacking enough trees and the ground one time too many :naughty:

Acerbis makes a super light fold away that works great if your looking for something JUST to make you legal. That's what I have on my WR. It's not worth a sh** as a mirror though. It flexes way too much at speed.

I used the Ken Sean fold away on my BRP because it will see alot more street use. It's heavier (steel as opposed to plastic) and doesn't tuck away as completely as the Acerbis does, but with the Ken Sean you can actually SEE who is about to run you over!! If you go with the Ken Sean mirror, XR's only sells a mirror perch that replaces the back of the clutch mount.

I jusy got the dual star mirror. Tucks in nicely and doesn't vibrate too badly.

Dual Star

yup, same here ... ACERBIS is useless as a mirror, DUALSTARs I got look like they will work very well ..

Had my Dual Stars on for a few days now, my bike is a 'tard though, gotta say I love 'em. :naughty:

.......got one with a velcro strap.........i velcro it to my left bark buster on the straight part of the metal..........then pull it onto the curved part and it gets realy snug.........i think it was $5.........works great..........

I use one of the Acerbis fold away mirrors. I fold it down for the trail and fold it out for when I need to look legal. It vibrates around a lot; enough to make you dizzy when trying to see whats behind you. But it is legal.

I say go with the Dual Star. I bought one for each side. it sure makes it nice. very well protected. you look under your arm to see whats behind you. give them a try. a very nice product A+

I do not believe the Dual Star is DOT legal. The last thing you need when the police see you on the XR is mirrors that are so tucked in that they cannot identify that you even have any. Even if they are not savy enough to know about the DOT regs they can still look for somthing else wrong just to save face. (IE DOT tires, current reg and insurance)

The Ken Sean mirror is the way to go IMHO. You can see out of it, it looks legal, and it tucks completely out of the way when you need to hit the trail. You can get the mirror and the perch adapter in the TT store for about $30.00 shipped to your door.

The Acerbis mirror is a peice of junk that you cannot see out of at all. A real waste of time and money.

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