HotCams valve clearance

Hi Guys!

I spent some time in the garage this weekend :naughty: I installed a HotCams stage1 along with J&E 10.5 piston (2002 650L)

The spec sheet that came with the HotCams stage 1 (lists the reccomended valve clearance at .15mm intake/ .20mm exhaust while the factory clearance is .10mm intake/ .12mm exhaust.

I am running with the larger clearance, and the top end seems louder than with the stock cam. :naughty:

Is the extra noise just a fact of life with the HotCam? and would tightening up the valves quiet things down?

The bike is running great. I've only had the chance to get out on it once since the cam swap. I'll update as I get more miles on. Thanks!

your valve train is noisier because of the increased valve lash ... this is normal when you run looser clearances ... you should be able to run the tighter clearance as long as you are diligent about checking your valves more frequently ... too loose is noisy, too tight burns valves ... play it on the safe side ... and, enjoy

I would say to tighten the valves up to Honda specs and it should get rid of some of the noise. Set them back and go for a spin, I ran into the same problem with TB's BBK on my 98 Z50R. They said .005" for valve lash and it was real noisy, set it back to .002" and quieted rigth down. Let us know how it goes!

I dont mean to steal your thread but I have an 04 650L and right now just running a uni air filter, dynojet jet kit and baja designs head pipe. I have been looking at taking the next step and going for the Stage 1 camshaft and a 10.5:1 CR piston. Is it worth the time and money on the bike and do you really feel the difference? How do you like it? I'd really appreciate any input, I'm kinda lost right now. Sorry for taking over your thread.


I run a little loose too , burnt valves will cause leakage and then loss of performance . My VW dunn buggy too. A vw specialist says it may sound a little tinny but well worth extra niose . You can't tell when it is perfect or too tight till its too late . Like previous post said "play it safe"

Run what the cam manufacter says, Its not going to hurt a thing with it ticking, Ignore the tick and ride............. :naughty:

100 mile report- Initial impressions: Snappier power more responsive everywhere, maybe a slight loss on the low end (hard to notice ), mid range+ top end have really woken up.

In 4th or 5th gear roll ons where the stock bike would pull good then drop off, the modified bike will easily walk away from the stock bike. No 4th gear roll on wheelies though :)

I have been running the jetting on the rich side for break in and I started leaning it out today, but I still need to fine tune and maybe throw a few more disks on the Super Trap.

I think the cam and piston are a good combo. Nice spread of power- I used to have a peaky open 2smoke and was not happy with it at all.

The starter does work harder, but gets the job done.(I have a pumper carb so a quick twist or two primes the motor)

The last top end job I did was about 20 years ago on an air cooled kdx so I was a little nervous about the XR.The job itself wasn't that bad to do, just make sure you have a good manual and take things step by step.

Oh yeah, I haven't had time to adjust/check the valves yet. :D I think I will still run a bit on the loose side.

That deffinetly sounds like a nice package!! How does it run with 93 oct? Have you had any problems with spark knock or anything like that, especailly if you were to ride trails all day real hard? I wanna go the same direction with my xr650l, if you got a link to the place where you bought the piston from that would be awesome! Have fun with all that added power.


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