Got my new 450 now what do I need to get ready for the Dunes??

WoW got the bike and it is sweet should be nice compared to my old yz490 :naughty: I mean the 490 had lots of power but was a pig or at least it felt like it. I have done lots of searching on Paddle tires but no one can agree on what’s the best paddle?? Should I go 8 or 10 I ride in St. Anthony so its really steep and the 10 worked great on my 490 but will the 450 pull it?? Also what is the best type??? I had a chin sing or something like that but is there better paddles out there?? What about the ones with the ribs in the center??? :naughty: Also what do you guys to protect your bikes from the sand?? Airbox, shocks ect. Also should I gear the bike?? I am going to run the stock chain for a weekend and the replace it.

I've ran both the Cheng Shin and the Kings rear paddle; if you can fit it, the kings is much better. I run an 8, a 10 will bog down IMHO in heavy sand.

What makes the kings better??? I wish I could run a 10. Should I gear the bike if so what would be the best gearing and should I go steal? What about jetting and the airfilter??

Kings has deeper paddles, ribs in the center of the paddle itself, and small ribs on the sides of the tires to keep it stable.

I run stock gearing, 14/50. I run JD kit w/ Indy's recommendations w/ good luck, #40 Leak Jet, Twin Air filter, and a steel rear sprocket.

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