sunday I ride tring dvp4# 48 pilot 1 turn out, 178 main at 40 degrees

well my jets came in going to try it sunday..

wish me luck...

99wr 400

air lid off

yz timed

baffle out

dvp 4# 48 pilot 1 turn out

178 main..

and no check valve on my gas cap..

Alright Fred,

Hope this is your solution.

Be listening while you ride for any specific throttle position that it is rich or lean. Each throttle position has a best component to adjust (0, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full). Don't think of it as engine speed as much as throttle position.

Use the hot start for restarting and don't give it any throttle. Set the idle speed up just a little too.

Good luck,


by just a little do you mean more than 1800 rpms....

do you think this is a good place to start...

I went to the site that has people's jettings on it and this seemed to be a common jetting sitting....

on sunday it will be around 40 degrees..

see what happens..

thanks james


It may be about 1800 rpms. It was 1/4 turn on my idle screw/knob. Before it was moved I put a strip of masking tape on the knob just to see where the starting point was. It's been there ever since and starting has been better too.

A slow idle will not always fire and run steady when hot. Using the throttle when starting is too risky because the slightest pumping of fuel will flood it. The hot start, slightly faster idle, and a hard kick are the tickets for me.


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