E Start Removal

I've seen rumblings of this in the forums, but I wanted to start the definitive E-start removal thread that, hopefully, will include chime-ins from the various WR450 geeks of the world.

I like the E-start, but I have noticed that my 05 is so easy to kick over that I am starting to question why I am carrying around so much extra weight. Plus the weight is up high, in the battery, which makes the bike top-heavy and hard to whip around. Also, I want to eliminate the battery to open up the airbox some more.

The only thing that swayed me away from the YZ was the 5 speed and green sticker.

How do I remove the E start system? It will not be a permanent removal.

I'm not sure how you remove the estart, but when you figure it out, I'll buy your starter from you if you don't want it anymore!!!


PM NCMoutainman he mastered the complete removal of the electrical harness, E-start motor & drive train and the battery! :naughty:

I had the same weight concerns with my 05 WR450. I ride motocross tracks with my daughter, but we also enjoy trail riding so I opted for the WR.

I have removed the AIS and removed the battery which has saved me about 7-8 pounds. The only thing I can't do is use the E-Start, which doesn't bother me at all. Even the lights still work with the battery removed.

I definitely felt the difference with the battery out.

Hope this helps.

I am also interested in this subject and did a search on it and came up with a lot of information, including a detailed post from NCmountainman.

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