02 yz426 ???

can u use a cable luber on a 02 yz426? the quick adjust is permenatly on the cable right? which is in the way?? or do u have to lube it from the engine side of the cable?

the quick adjuster is just a rubber dial that slides on and off the cable and the perch. Take it off and you will see what I mean. You can use the luber on it ...the cable is just a cable...nothing fancy or different about it.

i had it apart, but the quick adjuster part, wouldn't slide down the cable?? and i couldn't pull it off either.

There should be a slit in the metal of the quick adjust. You have to pull the rubber down to see, and you may have to turn it. But it does come off just like any other cable. I have an 01 426 so its the same.

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