2004 yz 450f suspension question

I'm just reading up/learning on setting up a suspension properly. One of the sites mentioned on TT, a link to racetech.com, showed a chart for inputting your weight (without gear on), and riding type (motocross) and than it would calculate the proper spring rate. Based on my weight without gear (186 pounds), the recommended spring rate is .452 kg/mm. The stock fork is rated at .460 kg/mm. From these figures, it seems to me that I'm actually too light for an ideal match. I thought that the yz 450f is designed around a rider of about 175 pounds or so?????? Does anybody have any clarification on this?? I just got my 2004 yz 450f about 10 days ago, and I want to really learn the proper method of setting up the suspension (sag, race sag etc.) Thanks ....Don

with your weight the stock fork springs are right for your weight and type of riding you do.From the factory most mx bikes are sprung for the lighter rider -150 to 160. Just set the sag (usually start @ 100 mm with all gear on) and you should be fine.

Thanks for the info...... Don

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I am about your weight at 190 without gear. My YZ450 has .48's in the front and a 5.8 in the rear. The rear sag sets up perfectly, indicating that the spring rate in the rear is at least close to right. Race Tech's web site suggests I run the stock .46 springs in the front, and yet most people whose opinion I trust say that the YZ450 as shipped is sprung for riders in the range of 160-175 lbs. The word here is that the Race Tech site spring calculator is off. To me, the bike feels plusher with the stiffer springs, probably because it lets me back off of the compression adjusters quite a ways and let the springs do the work. I very rarely run the front through the entire stroke, but I'm older 'n slower, and don't fly as high as I once did. At least not on a bike.

Thanks grayracer, you are a lexicon of knowledge..........


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