AIS removal/jetting

05 wr450

After removal of the AIS my engine now bogs. I am wondering if this is normal after this removal. (what exactly does/did the AIS do?)

I just ordered the JD kit. I hope this will get me back on the right track.

Prior to removing the AIS this is what I have done to the bike:

remove snorkel, grey wire, throttle stop, power now, white bros. E2 and re jetted main to #168 and #48 pilot jet. Bike ran very well!

Judging from other setups posted about jetting I should be good after the JD install??

Any suggestions for something I am overlooking would be appreciated.

The AIS allows oxygen to enter into your exhaust when negative exhaust pressure is increased, like when you decelerate. The exhaust comming out of your engine contains unburned fuel (Hydrocarbons or Smog) known to cause Cancer in the state of California, but no where else in the world. Anyway you need three things to make necessary fire to burn that nasty cancer causing stuff comming out of your tail pipe. Fuel, Spark, and Oxygen. You allready have the first two, so the oxygen is added to the exhaust so that our bikes can burn and backfire the ugly stuff safely out of the environment. And we all lived happily ever after.

On a more serious note though I really can't help you with your poor throttle response, It just seems that since this is all in the exhaust, (after cumbustion) that you may have another problem. Good luck.

I just rejetted my bike tonight with the same same setup and JD Red #5 w/ Zip Ty fuel screw @ 2 turns out... While I wasn't impressed with the power increase (was expecting the bike to pull harder) i have no noticeable bog....I do have difficulty starting (have to turn the idle up) and seemingly have a slight hesitation when wicking the throttle open....i'm hoping to clean these two issues up w/ a #40 leak jet and possibly a 72 starter jet.

Best of luck... post back once you resolve your issue.

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