Doing a rebuild need advice.

I need some helpful advice from all the XR650L guys, bought a low mile (4357miles) 94 with a motor that was seized at the rod small end, along with looks like a lube failure/overheating in pretty much the entire top end. I managed to find some of the pieces(cam, rockers,oil pump) But still need a piston (first over, it just melted but did nothing to the bore) a rod kit and gasket set. Places and prices as well as recommendations would be greatly appreciated.Also I want to install an oil cooler to help prevent this problem again any suggestions? (Jagg has discontinued the one they had) Love TT long time lurker just never joined.

I think someone in here said you can buy a NEW complete engine for about $2500 ... I have no idea if that is accurate, but may be cheaper in the long run, if ya bought the bike cheap enough ... just a thought to consider . plus, you'd have spare cases, etc, and parts if something drastic happened again ...

I'd check the frame downtube screen something caused oiling system failure unless they just ran it low or put the filter in wrong.

No telling what this clown did, I received the motor in a box, supposedly he was on the highway (70 here in MS) and he was'nt wringing it out, or so he said. Sad thing is that after teardown you could tell this motor was telling him to stop LONG before she popped.And I will check everything before I put it back together! i'd like to only do this once :-)

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