Must have upgrades?

Spending some of my overtime money this week on my 01 426.

Was going to finally order up a decompression plugg, k/n filter for my crank case breather, j.d. jet kit, and maybe a power now?

Is the power now worth it? Was going to order up all of the same things for my bro's 01 WR250.

We both have all the free mods done, run the open stock exhuast and the gytr insert for trail riding. Would like it to run like it does with the open exhaust all the time.

If anyone has any other recomendations, let me know. :naughty:

Power now seemed to help my 01 WR426, however the best bang

for the buck is getting the 03 YZ450 exhaust cam it will put a smile

on your face and no more bad starting manners, it's like owning a

2 smoke again. :naughty::naughty:

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