Kenda Trakmaster VS Tera-Flex

After reading lots of posts I am trying to decide between the Kenda Trakmaster II and the Tera-Flex II. I have a XR650L and weigh 225lbs. I currently have the old Tera-Flex and it is good on softer terrains but slips on hard dirt. But I'm unsure if the Kenda is large enough to perform well on this bike. Has anyone tried both? I'm not worried about tire life but only mostly ride in the dirt. Also does anyone if the new Larger Tera-Flex fits on the XR650L's.

I have never tried either...but what is the deal with this Tera-Flex I hear so much about? Is it that great because it is as close to a dirt tire as you can get with a DOT or is it that it is a DOT that is *better* than some all out dirt tires? Also what is the difference between the type 1 and 2 Tera-Flex's? I would like to try it but do not want to deal with clearance issues!

I love the Kenda on the 650R for it's dirt performance, while still being road legal. Don't be frightened off by the low price. It works great! It is loud at highway speed on tar. Never tried the TerraFlex, but it looks a bit rediculous to me. A tire that size can't help your bikes handling. Not to mention it's large diameter effectively changing your gearing.

Salty's right. I've seen a few people with the terraflex and yes, it hooks, wears well and it DOT approved, right? But it rubs the heck out of your rear fender/exhaust. Makes it difficult for trailside repairs(removing wheel) and does alter gearing. These things eat bearings/bushings bad enough with normal tires. I haven't tried the Kenda yet, but I'll put it on the list.

The tera-flex I is not dot and a little smaller and lighter. The II is heavier and huge and dot. There is no larger size . The 150 is same tire and size according to company owner as the 140. I ride 99 % dirt and a lot of sand in S. Fl. and I'm heavy dude and width helps me stay on top of sand . So I will probably try a tera-flex II . Presently I run a Mich desert 140 dOT and is very wide too. I like much but center knobs from new are a little short (approx 1/2") It all boils down to your riding % of street/dirt and kind of soil . Good luck !

I read a lot about the TerraFlex, but have never tried one, and doubt if I will ... this tire is, to me, the same thing as carburetors on street rods ... BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST , ... thats why I won my drag races, everybody else was grossly over-carbureted ... bigger is NOT always better ... without ever trying one, I am positive that fat tire will rob a lot of horsepower from my bike ... also, with the wider footprint, you not only place much more drag on the rear tire, but increase the tire contact patch, lessening the PSI to the ground (thats LESS traction, on some surfaces) ... if someone manufactures a tire a foot wide, I am sure there will be posts as to its greatness, ... regardless of how it really performs ... P.S.... seen any pro racers using the TerraFlex ?? :naughty:

The 'flex will get you in and out of almost anything, but yes, it is a power hog.

The XR650L is a big bike, and a big tire goes well on it.


Any 650L riders have the Kenda Trakmaster on their bikes? If so how does it perform with the size and weight of the bike?

I have the Track Master 110/100 on mine and it works well in most situations. It's a good allaround tire. It's not great, but it is an acceptable compromise much like the L itself.

I looked at all kinds of DOT tires and went for the Kendas. I do hard off road but ride lots to work as well. I put about 6,000 miles on the XRL last summer and was happy with the Kendas. Can't beat the price and used 2 complete sets last year. Got 2 sets for this year as well. Good luck. :naughty:

I was thinking about the Kendas also, sice I'm putting on alot of mileage this year. It looks like I'll probably go through 2 rears for every front, or pretty close to that. My question is, will it be OK to run a Dunlop D606 front with a Kenda rear?

They should make that tire like in a 140 size. just a bit smaller. it would rock then ill bet. and much less hassle.

I wrote about the Tera Flex years ago when they first came back on the market. They where sold late 70's and 80's by Dick Cepeck and worked great on the XR500 and XR600R for mud and sand like they do now. With the added horsepower of the XR650R they really came to play and a few years ago the makers put them back on the market. American made, steel belted DOT tire they are the most aggresive tire you can buy. Last up to 2000 mile if you run them to there death. They are heavy and not a good idea as a race tire. The extra weight will kill you in the big whoops. Any guy with half a brain can make them fit but, you do have to take the time and think it through. It's a good Idea to remove the mud guard and run a shock sock. They need more then a inch and a half back from the swing arm because they grow at high speeds. The chain adjuster needs to be to the fourth mark back. (next mark past half way) You need your rim to be true and a straightened sub-frame (all stock XR650R's have the sab-frame bent to the left) For most trail riders that hit the tar from time to time this is the best tire you can get. It dosn't shine on hard pack but, does better then most. I do see most of the negitive writing is from guy's that have never tride one. The guys that have love it for what it's good at. I do not have one on my bike, but, I have one on one of my extra rims for those killer big group trail ride where you need a tire that can do it all but, race. The Traknmaster didn't last half as long and wasn't much better then between a 606 and a Maxxis 7305IT.

Did you make the fender brace? I like it. I would need one at a different angle to go with my CR250 fender I have on my BRP.

Just a thought you can tighten all the left spokes a half turn to bring the tire over to the left a tad.

Tera-Flex, 13/48 gearing, stock chain, subframe extension and exhaust mount spacer

I took off work today and rode out to Nomads MX park on my BRP. My wife drove the car and small trailer with her dirtbike. I took the mirrors off Da Pig, played for 1.5 hours on trails, rolled the MX course once, put the mirrors back on and rode home. :naughty:

Da Pig

Subframe extension

Moved the mud flap

Left side clearance

Right side clearance

I am running the Tera on my 03 XR650L and had no problems installing or clearing on stock chain w 1300mi. I did trim my chain guard along the top to keep side protection for riding my 7yr old on back. Its a great beefy looking tire but not the best for street riding. It also raised the back of the bike about 1.5 inches. And thats a pain for a 6ft rider, so I am installing a drop link soon and will raise the fork tubes.

If your riding is 70% or more dirt, HIGHLY reccomended! Otherwise maybe go Dunlop HO

*ps* I installed 14/48 Sunstars at the same time as the that may have mattered to help clearances. Pics are in my garage.

Yeah, funny it bolts right to the L and the R needs mods to fit it!


G`Day all

Just my thoughts and experience,had tried the Dunlop k756,Kenda trackmaster and now have the michilen AC10 fitted all dot as I do 60/40 street/dirt.

Found the Dunlop good road wear/dirt good, except for rocky stuff

Kenda road passable/dirt fair no good in the soft stuff.

Michilen so far good allround would buy again.

Steve B

That's a SRC subframe extension.

Subframe extension

Thanks for the tip on tightening the left side spokes 1/2 turn, will give it a try.

Thanks for the tip on the michelin AC10's, they look to be about what I'm looking for. Anyone else have comments about them or an alternative?

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