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when you guy's ride, do you come on the throttle fasr or slow..

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Fred: That depends upon what the rider is trying to do. I know what you're getting at though. Some magazine articles have covered this and hint strongly that a 426/400 will learn to adapt by rolling the throttle on instead of a quick and violent snap. I wish you could ride my '00 426 to see what one of these things is like to have perfect carburetion. There is a tight 180 degree right hand turn at my local track that has a short run at a double jump right afterwards. Very few guys could do this jump and nearly all were coming up short on the landing. After getting my carb properly setup, I finally decided to try this jump...and I've been going to this track for over a year. I figured the only way I could have a chance at getting a run at the double would be to do the 2-stroke brake slide and snap the throttle wide open as soon as I could get the bike pointed toward the jump. I used 2nd gear and was slightly above a slow idle when I snapped the throttle open hard. I cleared the jump easily. I'm one of those 47 year old cautious geezer types ....until lately. While I've never had the plug fouling problems you've experienced, I DID have a very annoying and sometimes frightening hesitation when the throttle was snapped open. Along with some diet changes, MX-Tech suspension, and getting the carb sorted out, I'm knocking on the door of finally becoming a true expert level rider. I truly wish you luck in getting your plug problem solved so that you can experience just how much fun these machines can be. I get a big kick when I take my helmet off at the track after a practice session or a moto and the young guys see my big shiney bald spot. They don't expect an old guy to ride like that... :)

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