dual carb enima

looking for some do's and dont's on the rebuilding of my carbs for 85 xr600 . it wasnt adjusting the idle right, so i unscrewed the air mix screw all the way out and there was all kind of crap in there. some insight would be helpful. :naughty:

A few tools, pactience, a spot to lay out the parts, spray carb cleaner, compressed air and clean all the crap out and blow the parts clean, don't force anything when assembling and you should be good to go, its not that hard.................. :naughty:

Any questions along the way just ask........... :naughty:

Get a manual too. I personally like carb cleaner you soak entire carb in overnight ( auto parts store still sell I think) then hose off with water pressre from your garden hose then following up with compressed air blow out. But you must disassemble entire carb. CAUTION Some carbs have little bbs & springs for check valves . Try to know before you take apart . I've never done those carbs so I cant tell you much. But I always thought that dual set up would be the ultimate set up ! Hopefully some one with experince with those carbs will chime in . BTW The seach in the forum works well . plug in your model or dual carb for key word.

remember that these carbs aren't supposed to open at the same time

remember that these carbs aren't supposed to open at the same time

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