My jetting is not that hot

I tried a new jetting setup this last week end:


50 deg

170 main

4th clip on the needle

48 pilot

1 1/8 out on the screw.

FMF PC4 no insert

air lid removed

YZ timed

Starts 1st kick all the time and idles great

Pulls very very strong (mid to top range power is crazy!)

No back fire

The problem is when I gun the throttle. Doesn't matter what RPM I'm at... If I gun it, even from mid-range rpm, the engine will die if I don't release the throttle.

I can't even pop up wheelies in front of mud holes. :naughty:

Have to say the % of humidity in the air was like 100% but Sylvain's bike did not have that problem.

He will share his set-up with me. We know he has no BK mod done (neither do I) and he does not have this problem so we have to look somewhere else.

Anybody else suggestion would be welcome?

Thanks a lot

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