Zip-Ty fuel screw o-ring

When I put mine in I noticed the o-ring stayed up inside but the instructions talk about getting it out. Why would I take it out when I going to turn right around and put the Zip-Ty in???

Thanks, am I missing something, Jeff

I would suggest taking it out and "pre-positioning" it on the new Fuel Screw to ensure it seats properly... it could have fallen down a bit when the old Fuel Screw came out.

To get it out i took a paper clip and barely bent the tip with some needle nose pliers... stuck it up in the opening and out came the o-ring. :naughty:

Good Luck!


I would recommend getting it out and seating it. If you ar emissing any parts, you can get them individually from sudco, HOWEVER there is a $15 min. order. When I put my zip-ty in the washer went M.I.A. Installed and rode it about 10 times, till the last ride when the screw decided to back itself out a leave the carb for the trail. Lucky I found it, but was a good lesson.

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