Oil Changes

I was wondering how often the oil screen at the bottom of the frame needs to be cleaned out. What size socket is required?

1999 WR

I recently checked this screen because I had heard some reports of them being packed with crap after only a short period of time.

Somewhat panicked, I checked mine for the first time with about 1000mi on the od and nothing. Perfectly clean.

So based upon my experience I won't be too concerned. Of course, maybe somebody else has had a different experience.

It is more important that you check it after the initial break-in period or first couple of rides.

I never did. I checked it around 1500 miles and only a very tiny amount of junk was there. Haven't checked it since.

Not sure of the wrench size but I do know one thing...you will have to pound on that thing to get it loose the first time. One of the reasons I never checked it early was because I couln't get it loose. I thought it was even welded shut. It actually looked like part of the frame. I finally just took a mallet to it and it finally came loose.

I cleaned mine the first few oil changes, and I found ALOT of junk in mine, metal from machining, even blue paint. The nut is 24mm,I believe. now that my bike has a few miles on it, I check the screen every 3rd oil change.

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