oil question

So after staring at my bike for a week in the living room (yes the living room) i decided to double check things and make sure things are clean and straight. After riding at the dunes it looks like my chain is a little loose..easy fix.

so i checked my oil, :naughty: there was absolutely no oil on the dipstick, dry. I was like whooaaa. thats scary. So i looked at it for a while thinking of gravity and how high the dipstick is, after i put about a 1/5 court of oil in there. Then i went to my girls yzf250, it was dry to, so i was like &%$#@!.

then i took both bikes out side and let them warm up. After i let them warmed up i let them sit for 15 minutes then check it. Awsome, there is oil in there :naughty:

so what happened and is this normal???

what happens if there is too much oil in there?


The oil in the frame is higher than the crankcase and the gravity eventually brings it to the bottom. That is why the dipstick is dry.

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