rad gaurds and skid plate?

I am going to order rad guards and skid plate for my 650r tomorrow and i was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has bought them as to whats the best makes to buy for this bike? i had devol on my yz and they worked great but there are so many manufactures out there now i would like to get the best fitting parts i can.

Thanx in advance


Devol for the rad. guards and get yourself a good baja style skid plate. The one that baja designs has is the best IMO. There are several manufacturers that make that same style also. For reference check out bajadesigns.com....

I just got my devol rad guards and they are great, i also ordered the xr's only skid. there are lots of companies selling the same one so look for a good price. the bd skid is very nice also.

I hear the Devol gaurds are the best,I got some W/C rad braces and I'm not real happy with them, So next is the Devol gaurds..... :)

I ordered a moose skid plate and all i could find was the works guards so i will try them and see what happens

Thanx Clint

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