Where do buy YZ426 shop manual?

I'm looking to buy the YZ426 shop manual for my 2002. Is there a cheaper place than the dealer to buy one? Thanks.

Try ebay, I just got a 2004 yz 450f Yamaha Owner's service manual for $ 5.00

The shipping cost me $ 6.50. That's a lot better than the $ 60 the dealer's were asking for.


yeah, try Ebay. I got mine for $15.00.

Thanks. I've got the pdf file, but was wanting a copy to have in the shop. I'll keep checking ebay. Hopefully I'll find one there.

I talked to my local dealer and they wanted $90.00 for the manual!!

I talked to my local dealer and they wanted $90.00 for the manual!!

:) $90? I've seen them at the local dealers for around $30-50. Not sure if it's the same manual though.

That was what I thought too. :D Sometimes, it just seems like the dealer is looking to screw the customer. Not all the time, I have managed to get some real good deals from my local dealers. :)

Is the 01 the same as the 02?

I've got a spare 2003 YZ450 manual with a bunch of hi altitude jetting specs.

Its well used, oil stained but all the pages are there. $20 bones to your door in the US.

PM or reply if you want it.

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