california plates?

i saw at a link to some dmv forms. it looks like there is a way to get plates by way of special construction. has anyone done this? just wondering if it works?

It was enough trouble to get my bikes dual sported (when still legal) the first time around.....I'm not fighting with CARB/DMV/CHP/ETC to do it way of Special Construction now.... I'm taking the plate from one of my dual sport bikes putting it on my WR. I'll deal with the repurcussions if/when I get pulled over.

To more directly answer your question, it would probably depend on who from CHP is inspecting the M/C to grant it SPCNS (special construction). As a general rule, just putting a dual sport kit on it (light kit/mirrors, horn, etc.) is not satisifactory... you must MAJORLY overhaul the bike (i.e., new frame w/out VIN, multiple parts from different bikes, etc....).


i have a buddy who is a chp!!!! i will have to call him to find out what he can do for me!

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