Crankcase Cover Guard 01' 426

Anyone know if they make a guard that mounts to the frame for the left (shifter side) crankcase cover. I know they make plates to go on the cover, I would acutally like a guard that protects it from getting hit at all like the engine guard on the opposite side. I punched a hole in mine yesterday and that would have protected it. LMK. Thanks

ouch dude i just repaired my bike from that, but only guard i know of is that stupid chain guard doesnt work to well i had it on and it still punched a hole in mine

Anyone else have suggestions?

It happened to my buddy's bike last weekend. I've been trying to find a stator cover at the junk yards but have had no luck. A new one from the dealer is 110.00.

Actually Gerry you can get them here for about $67. Check I'm more concerned about the guard.

Check out ebay, there is always someone parting out a bike on there. I had that happen on my last bike and after i got it fixed i made a bracket/guard out of some beefy aluminum. I had access to a machine shop though, ask around, there is always someone good at making parts.

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