Uncorking necessary?

Just bought (in January) a 1983 XL600R.Had a new top end done so I know from whence I start. Took awhile to figure starting sequence.It now starts cold on second hit, warm-on first. It wheelies in first and second with throttle only, and in third and fourth if you pull it up. Dual carbs, and no signs of running lean.No crackle on decel, plug is brown. I am a proponent of the

K.I.S.S. practices, and won't fix it if it ain't broken. Will be riding 50/50 fireroads/trails and concrete.No racing. I'm old. I like roost though.

Burning question- What specific things comprise "uncorking", and will I get so much more power that it would be worth screwing with an already good thing? Believe the '83 is set up a little richer (first year RFVC motor)than later years? This piggy runs strong.But.....Tim Allen is my hero.More grunt is always

good. Do not want to lose reliability.

Woops!!! I mistakenly have crossed a 'piggy line' already. I didn't realize that:

1. L models may be lower class,slow heavy pigs- but should not be called pigs.

2. Since this section is directed to owners of 600/650 models both,that both were not necessarily to be included in the "Pig" category.

3. Only 650 R's are Pigs.

So, I offer my sincere apologies for overstepping.I hope it doesn't happen again in my ignorance (I'm new here). Did I get it right? Or are 650R's really Pigs?

Would appreciate any advice on how to speak 'the language'. Would appreciate definitions of: PDA, BRP, Pig, uncorking,getoff and other TT slang that is not evident to new users and not in the Websters.(I'm a new guy).

Would also like to know if there is a source for stators that will support 'surround sound stereo',cell phone (sat.service),small tv, and a cooler on the rack? for my L bike.

I'm also old, and when I catch a trout, I kiss it on the lips before I let it go.

Well usually when the guys are talking about uncorking, they're referring to the XR650R or the XR650L, or the XR400.

But any bike can be "uncorked". Just refers to increasing the intake airflow by opening up the airbox (and intake boot on 650R), richening up the carb jetting, and opening up the exhaust more than stock.

The older bikes weren't nearly as restricted as they are these days, so it's probable that your '83 model doesn't need uncorking, but still, a better pipe and jetting couldn't hurt.

Thank you 'smashinz'. Perfect answer-everything I needed to know! Much appreciated.

Best Regards-Jeff

I have a 93 XR650L that is uncorked. Before and after difference is noticeable but not major. My bike runs perfect 97% of the time but now every 3% it acts up. Gas mileage has gone down dramatically and if I could go back to stock without having to purchase a $75 new slide, I might. To me the power and hesitation difference isn't enough for the gas mileage difference.

They are all Red! They are all BIG! so they are all pigs!

They have all been called BRP's sense the early 80's with the XR500. (It wasn't a good name back then) As the bikes got faster and the XR600R started winning the desert races and then the Baja. The Name BRP was a good, Loving name used by the owners of their beloved Oinker. The XL's are still looked down on by most and lot's think that the XR650L should be called a XL650 without the "R". It is in no way a race bike.

Newbie Here...i Have An '83 Xl 600r As Well.... I Changed Gearing To 14 On The Front And Kept Stock Rear Sprocket, Added Supertrapp Exhaust = Exhiliration! Haven't Gone Full Throttle Yet, I Don't Think It Is Ever Possible Though...

I put a 13T CS on my 83 XL6 just recently, with a stock rear.Had a 12T, but the motor has so much torque that it was bending the teeth forward. The 13 still is long in first for tight trails, but motor is much less 'buzzy' @ 70 mph than the 12T. The 12 would wheelie in any gear tho. My riding is mostly on fire roads and easy trails, no (sanctioned) racing. I have a DR350S backup bike, but it's like riding a horizontal flagpole. It has a 6 speed, very smooth transmission that is really sweet. Very linear power. It weighs only 11 lbs less than my XL600, but the 600 will spank it badly. Feel the DR suspension and brakes are superior to the 600 tho. I'm new to big thumpers just this year, so have a lot to learn.......but 'grins per mile' are great on the XL600!! And my butt feels a lot better at the end of the day! :):):D:D

If you can wheelie in fourth gear it ain't "corked", like newer, quieter, cleaner models. Since it seems to be running sweet, you stand to gain less with changes to the intake & exhaust. A pipe may take some weight offand look cool, but probably make more noise. KISS indeed! :):D

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