Took my pig to the prom

Well, not exactly that kind of prom date...

Saturday was the first race that I've ever entered - the Viginia City Grand Prix

Rode # 18 as a novice/over 30 (actually 40 in a couple of weeks :D )

The course was dry on saturday with some very rocky sections - the stuff everyone else hates - I love the rocks on my BRP :naughty::D:D

We got three hours to round the course as many times as possible - it was just under 20 miles. Managed 3 laps with a couple of long pit stops - I just wasn't in shape for 4 laps - bad hamstring cramps were killing me :cry:

I found that I kinda liked some of the whoops as I hit 'em in 3rd keeping the front up and staying loose. Just off the start at mile 1, in the first rocky section, I managed my first race pass ever :p that had me grinning under the helmet - by mile 2, I had my first crash of the race and let about 20 riders past as I was getting back up - fired right back up thanks to Edelbrock :naughty: and then I was loosened up for the rest of the lap. I managed 1 crash per lap with the final one being near the end of some singletrack on lap 3 - I saw a berm that the BRP just bulldozed and lost the jousting match with a couple of tree branches :D one ripped my arm protector off the roost guard and the other hit me in the chest sending me to kiss the dirt :D

Well here's a pic before the prom -


and more from the weekend here and over in Southwest forum


Does it still look that good after the prom..... :naughty:

What matters is having fun and it sounds like you had plenty of that.... :naughty:

Can't wait for the rest of the pictures. Looks like one heck of a crew and the start was very comical. :naughty:

That VC race is fun. I did it twice on an XR400 and twice on my CR500.. I was so pleased in 2003. I raced that course after not racing for three years. I managed to finish on the first page of the expert results.. I could have made the top 15 if I had put two more weeks of training on the saddle. It was my first race in three years, and the last race I have done.. I'll race again someday.. :naughty:

Looks like a grand ol time !!! thanks fur sharin

Man, that V.C. race looks pretty wild! Is that pavement or dirt or both? Is it like the old Elsinore race? Cool pics, thanks!

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