JackAttack's crash

The new suspension set-up is freaking unbelievable. I cannot even describe the difference it made in my riding ability. The forks feel so good that it's making the shock feel like crap. :D

I only have one problem, I did a race in Mexico this weekend. I was running 3rd overall at the 80 mile checkpoint. I was on a dirt road running wide-open with 14/45 gearing, when I tried to pass a truck on the right side I hit a large pile of gravel and wadded it up. I never had time to let off the throttle.

The guy that was driving the truck woke me up and went to get my bike for me that was a few yards down the road. I finished the race 6th overall but the bikes a little twisted up. My body is VERY twisted up. I lost alot of skin, chipped my front tooth, blew out my left knee, and my ass cheek is black.

I will not be able to enjoy the new suspension for a few months.

I think I may have to sell the 650. :naughty:

Are you nuts!!!!! Passing on the right side? Where you also trying to read the paper on the trucks seat? Man, I don't know anyone that crazy to pass a Mexican on a dirt road in Mexico on the right side!!! With all those ruts that come off the side of those roads.....that is insain! Wait, I think David Grey and I might have tried that last time we where down there. :naughty: But, I won't admit to it. Did you write about this on the group? I must have missed it.

Wow man, thats sucks! Hope he's okay.


Sorry to read about your get off!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

If ya need anything for your bike, send me a pm. Lots o' spares taking up space in the garage...

lo que todo via bien,


Safety and stupidity are far apart...

not good hearing you leaned the wrong way and got caught...not calling you stupid, but we all have our moments when we err in judgement. Good thing you werent mangled and stuck in a Mexico hospital without proper care, as happens to many US tourists who happen to be involved in accidents across the border.

I live 5 minutes from Mexico but dont ride there because that reason, and the fact friends had their bikes stolen from the Federalis a few years ago. I only ride their in Dec to the annual toy run, but with thousands of other bikers its pretty safe and fun :naughty:

That's a pisser to hear you crashed. If I'm down your way and have time I'll have to look you up for a beer ( I guess you might want a vicotin with yours) :naughty: Still finished after all that. :naughty: Hope you're feeling better soon.

Get Mo' Bettah Jacky Attacky!

If anybody gives ya crap, just look 'em in the eye and tell 'em "You should see the other guy!"

Please don't blame the Mexican locals on this one. If this is the race (code 200) last saturday in San Felipe then race mile 80 or so is past morelia junction. this is a flat out 100mph section. why are you passing on the right? :naughty:

remember that these are public roads and they are not closed to the public during the race. if the car was a chase vehicle then the race team that they were supporting should be DQ...if it was a regular local :naughty:

anyway, I'm glad you are going to be OK and at least you are not in the hospital with broken bones. I will not sell the 650 till you can ride it again...we all feel that way after a nasty crash. you will get over it soon. :D

ps: Francisco Real and I won the open pro and overall on the bikes (of course we were lucky) :D .

Sorry to hear about the crash, Take care and heal :) and you'll ride again, Just remember it could have been worse......... :D

Thanks for the kind thoughts. :)

One bad small decision, at speed, can really have large affects.

I'm feelin better everyday. Get my knee checked out today. :)

Bruce(BWB63), remind me to explain to you what "private" message means. :D (J/K :worthy: )


Get well soon :)

Once you get the details of your knee surgery figured out, you should have enough experience to perform back alley knee surgieries. Let me know when you've done a few cause I sure could use some knee surgery too, but I've been holding off for various reasons, although the pain and instability can be a bitch at times :D


Thanks for the kind thoughts. :D

One bad small decision, at speed, can really have large affects.

I'm feelin better everyday. Get my knee checked out today. :)

Bruce(BWB63), remind me to explain to you what "private" message means. :worthy: (J/K :D )


Ya, but, look at all the support you got!

Now that you have a little extra time you can rebiuld the shock :D

What setup did you go with in the forks?

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