Presidential Election Poll

Okay guys, I'm sure your all sick of this election stuff, but I'm a curious bugger.

I'm taking a poll on the presidential voting habits of T-Talkers. If you care to participate - Click Here to VOTE!

All votes are confidential so no one here can know who voted for who. Please try to be honest.


You have to be able to read to understand the statment at the bottom,good point Ron.


I want a new election, I made a mistake, I voted for Willie Nelson by accident. BUT I didn't buy a KTM.

I heard on the radio just a bit ago that Vice President Gore issued a

statement in which he said that he regrets ever having invented the

electoral college...


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Through many of my sources, I am hearing the real reason why the Demo's are trying to turn the election over. If Gore loses,he can't give a pardon to Clinton, and Slick Willie will be going to jail. I hope.

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