Off topic but what the heck

My 4 1/2 year old son is ready to ride! Thought I'd start him out on a quad and move him into a dirtbike. I came across this little thing today I'm wondering if any one has any experience with this Redcat KMX 50. You have to admit $650 delivered is pretty damn good!

Any comments would be appreciated!



A friend of mine got one for his son. Hes had it a few months and it seems to be holding up well. He often rides his son on the front while hes on the back to go out to the middle of the track to watch his other son ride the main track (6yrs old) It does not bottom even with him on the back. I think its pretty decent. Id do it!

Cool- That's all I needed to hear!

I really want to get my oldest son whos 7 a CRF50 ....the wifes against it but if I had the cash I wouldnt care what she thought! I am dying to get my lil guys going in the sport...just not rich, ha ha

You son will be very stoked, just make sure you teach him safe habits and get a good lid for the lil booger.

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