Sprocket Swaps?? or Sale?

Anyone interested in selling or trading their used (but still in very good shape) rear sprockets? I want to go up some from the stock 48, but I don't want to buy 2 or 3 sprockets and test them out only to find I want something more. If anyone has a 50-54 tooth that they would let go cheap shoot me a PM or just post the info here. I'm in NC zipcode 27604 for shipping references. Thanks! :naughty:

www.rockymountainmc.com sells steel sprockets for $14.99. They're heavy but they'll do the job your asking...

Yup. They are the "primary drive" brand. RM sells different brands. I run 'em on mine with no problems. I also primary drives' cheap and high (8000 lb) o-ring chain. So far so good.

im assuming your on a 4-speed 450 looking for that happy medium, i found it with a 51 rear, maybe start there, Good Luck !!!

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