Which version exhaust do I have????

I bought my 99wr400 in South America and am confused about how many "versions" there were for this bike? The reason I'm wondering is I need to get a quiet insert and am wondering if I have an "odd ball" exhaust or not? It's loud as hades, and the chrome tail piece on the back of the muffler is held in place by 3 bolts. Do I have the US version or the Euro version exhaust? Japanese? I guess what I really need to know is if I buy say a Baja Designs insert, will it fit? Inqwieren minds wanna know.


Mark... :naughty:

Mark, do you have a picture of it? The 3 bolts deal makes it sound like the same deal we get, ie a PMB, GTYR insert would probably fit perfectly.

I would say you have the US version. My Canadian model is a closed unit and you can't take it apart. I am pretty sure the Euro version is the same.

I too agree with these guys, you have the US model... The euro pipe doesn't have any bolts at all, just smooth stainless steel all around with a hole that measures about 7/8" at the tip (plus, they are real quiet).. The US model measures much bigger, more like 2".. The Vortip or Baja designs units get held in place by one bolt that goes through the end of the pipe. Make sure you have the little hole at the bottom of your exhaust tip, if you have it then an insert will work with your pipe..

Dan :naughty:

Yup, it's got a hole. US it is then, makes sense... North America, South America close enough.

Thanks guy's


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