Spark plug wire problems...

I've been having problems getting my spark plug wire to stay on the plug. It seems like the end of the CR8E plug isn't big enough for the plug wire to clamp on. Has anyone else having these problems? I was thinking of trying a BR8E. PLEASE help me. It's coming off while I'm on the track!! :naughty: Anyway...thanks in advance for all your help guys.

Do you mean that its not clicking onto the plug? That happend to mine, and I just bent the clip inside the boot a bit and it snaped on fine after that.

Check the plug well drain hole to see if it's blocked. That's the little mystery hole in the right side of the head that you never knew where it went. It's supposed to allow fluids to drain away from the spark plug well, but if it gets blocked, and there is a pressure build up from a combustion leak at the plug or steam from trapped moisture, it can pop the plug boot off.

Run a piece of wire up into it and follow up with compressed air if you have it.

I'll bend the clip and run the wire. I didn't even look in there to see if there was a clip. I have a lot of things to learn about these bikes...but in the mean time...I LOVE MY 426!! Anyway...thanks for your help guys. I can always count on this site. :naughty:

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