99YZ400 timing bolt

Hey all.....a friend of mine has a 99 yz 400....this weekend he took a dump and sheered half the "TIMING" bolt.....left side.....above the crank case bolt....Im sure you know.....question is.....I went to Ty Davis to look for a billit one....only because the bolt it self "STOCK" is made of plastic....no avail.....anyone know where to find a "STEEL" one?

BTW, we ride trails......in New England....lots of rocks! hahaha

Thanks for your help in advance....

Thanks for the replies.....I guess this many people.....cant tell me.....oh well....I'll tell him to go back to stock!

Good thing I ride an XR 400

Some people may have been confused by your reference to a Plug as a Bolt. My advice is to have your friend learn not to screw things up when working on them, or not to let you do anything else for him, whichever one best applies.

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