Kenda tire size question - XR650L

For my XR650L - on the rear tire - should I get a 4.60X18 or get the bigger 5.10X18. Will the big one fit on bike? Thanks

I would imagine that if a TeraFlex would fit the tire your questioning would as well. I am not certain but would seem to make sense, sorry I cant be more helpful, good luck though!

Depends what tire you're mounting up.


Not sure about the measurments that you have up, but i have the Trackmaster 110/100/18 and have plenty of room.

They both will fit no problem. I have the 5.10 on now, but I think I'm going back to the stock size for the gear reduction.

I am running the 5.10x18 K270. I love the tire. The extra width seemed to help off and on road. The tire height was the same from the stock Dunlop to the Kenda.


I run a 5.10x18 IRC VE33. It fits perfect. I once put a 140/80-18 IRC sand tire on the back. The chain still had adequate clearance, while the same was not true for the 500.

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