Anybody using an iridium ngk spark plug?

The CR7EIX Iis actualy a hotter plug than the CR8EIX .Be careful !

Thanks for the correction.

I run iridium on my '01 426, recently ran it all the way up cape york (australia) and back (about 3000k's) still on the same plug, still starts first time every go. Difference is definately in starting, bike was tempermental at times on the old plug, and i'm rapped that it is still running perfectly on the same plug. Couldn't say if there is a noticeable difference in performance but would certainly buy it again just for the ease of starting and durability.

I have a 2001 WR 426 which I just got. I got it used and I found an iridium plug in it. I had some problems starting the bike and tested the spark that the iridium(used) had in comparison to a normal plug (which was brand new): iridium was much better!

After solving the starting issue, I can say that it starts first kick with the iridium plug, which is great!

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