Kenda Shredmaster 270

D'OH! :naughty:

My rear is a Kenda 270. It has about 100 miles on it and the side knobs are crumbling apart! Read it and weap (for me);

My question is....&%$#@!?!! (Why The Fallingapart?) I don't like the thought of cornering on the street with these things now -- am I right to be afraid?

I have heard they are inexpensive tires, and I guess you get what ya pay for. Sorry to see man, I would be very nervous on tarmac myself with those knobs !

That tires ugly for only 100 miles..... :naughty:

Titties are still there too! Is it dot ? I would wine to someone ! That is dangerous !

I have the same tire on my bike, the second one actually. I seriously doubt I've been even close to those outside knobs on the street. You'd have to be dragging your handlebar to get that far leaned over. Do you ride in rocky areas?

I'm with ghoti on his question about rock riding. I've run these tires in alot of conditions and they hold up well for a cheaper tire and better than some of the more expensive ones. I ran one of these in trails in Utah and it did ugly the thing up with alot of rock riding but not like yours, mine was still completely usable. I would highly recommend these tires for most enduro style riding but in a real hostile loose rock with sharp edges (not like gravel) they aren't as tough as the terraflex, or in deep mud either.


Bork - you shamed me into calling up Kenda to complain. I'm glad I was sitting down when the customer service rep immediately offered to replace my tire. I should have a new TRAKMASTER II by Friday (when I said that I was hesitant to use the same model again, she offered up the TMII).

I don't believe I have EVER gotten such quick, courteous customer service from a company before. :)

I'll let you know when I get the rubber.

OH- RE; the rocks. NO, I live in Michigan. Sand, Mud and the occasional hardpack.

My K270 did the same thing, But it was not the tires fault. It seems that the bolts for the exhaust stuck up just a little too far. When the suspension compressed the tire hit the bolt just on the out side knobbies. It torn them just like yours. Before you run the new tire check under your fender. I have never had a problem with the Kenda K270 and average about 3000 miles out of a rear and 5 to 6k out of the front. They are well worth ordering time and time again. Good luck with the new tire.

Ray H.

My K270 did the same thing, But it was not the tires fault. It seems that the bolts for the exhaust stuck up just a little too far. When the suspension compressed the tire hit the bolt just on the out side knobbies. It torn them just like yours. Ray H.

Ray- I can't see ANY bolts holding the exhaust that are protruding (Are you riding XR650L?). However, the seat bolt heads and (to a lesser extent) the bolt heads that hold on the rear fender seem to be in line with the wear on the right side, maybe the left. Interesting, because the wear (chunking ?) was MUCH worse on the right. This would mean that my suspension was bottoming out all the way to the inside of the fender -- does this happen?! If that's the case, then tool bag bolts would be shredding every XRL tire out there! I'd feel pretty clueless for that to be happening and me not noticing it...then again there WAS that tunk when accellerating on the tight woops :) ....... :D

How can I determine how far up my tire travels? I can slam all of my weight on seat and my tire doesn't come anywhere NEAR the fender. I realize the force of enertia on bumps at 40 mph would be far greater, but how do you determine?

If these bolt heads shred wider tires / knobbies then what do the Tera Flex set do ?!

LASTLY -- My tire seems to be aligned slightly more towards the right side of the fender. How could you adjust this?

The rear sub-frames (fender) bend to the left. If this is what is happening with yours, you can bend it back with a big pry bar. Since the rear fender's position is variable, only check the alignment of the rear wheel in relation to the swingarm. Also, check to make sure the chain is running straight and you have no abnormal wear on one side of the sprockets.

Dirtzilla-Get a real good up underneath ogle at stuff on the right side.Anything that has the paint polished off or has tiremarks (fender/mudflap/etc) on it will be the culprit. If you have stock exhaust- is there a cleanout bolt on the inside near the back? If it is shiny-that be the bad. That damage really looks like something on the bike is doing it.

Good luck.

If Kenda gave you a trakmaster II stick with it, it's a much better tire anyway!

Kenda had my replacement tire to me the day after I spoke to them on the phone. They are in Ohio - I'm in Michigan, so that had something to do with it, but STILL! I am now even MORE amazed by Kenda's customer service. Is it unnatural to be in Love with a tire company? :)

Mounted the Trakmaster II and got a few hard hours on it yesterday. I really REALLY like this tire (in the dirt*). My rear end has much less side-to-side float in fast, sandy runs. It is predictable, whereas the 270 "bit" and "loosened" in strange places. I can now power through a turn with confidence- the 270 would lose bite if turned too hard and was asked to power into a roost-enducing turn. Went through mud, water, sand, hard-packed hills, 4X4 ruts, broken concrete (not on purpose!), and felt great about the TMII through it all.

Got it home, all the knobs are still intact, and no rubbing was found on my wheel well / bolts. All is well in Dirtzillas world.

*the feel of those knobs in turns on the street (I ride a couple of miles to the "trailhead") makes me queasy. I'm not gonna be dragging my knees on the pavement riding this tire, that's for sure. I'd call this a 90 / 10 dirt tire.

What did you do with the 270? Do you still have it?


I have 1500 miles on my Trakmaster II's now and they are holding up great even on my 400 lb bike.

What did you do with the 270? Do you still have it?


I still have (most of) the tire and need to dispose of it. It has a hole where I cut out the date stamp to send to Kenda (per their request).

Hmmm... Customer Service says a lot. I think I'll try a TM next time...

I was hoping the tire was intact. I will be needing a new one by the end of the year, thought I could buy your old one.


I need some rubber for at the most 50/50 street/dirt, probably more street for the coming weeks/months. The 270 seems like a good fit for the purpose.

Anyone know if the 5.10/18 size will fit the rear of the XR650R or is that too wide and will rub (causing those lost knobbies)?

Suspension is still stock on the bike (and feels real soft in the first few inches)

As alternates I am considering the IRC GP110, which also goes up to a 5.10 width, and if I am really into spending, I may be convinced into getting the Conti TKC80 140/80 for the rear and the matching front. There's also the Maxxis M6006 in 130/80, looking a lot like the IRC tire.

Any problems with any of this rubber? I just picked up the bike and it has worn-out street tires on it. It'll be a money pit for sure, so I would like to start out on the proper rubber at least :thumbsup:


I put a front/rear set of kenda 270s and i went with the 5.10 rear. My bike is a 650L and their is no problem with clearance.

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