Kenda Shredmaster 270

DO NOT under ANY circumstances waste your money on the Maxxix 6006 (or Cheng Shin c6006)!! I put a set on my 650 L to ride the Dempster hiway in NWT/Yukon...SPECIFICALLY sent a new set to Dawson to run that hiway with. 500 miles into the ride the bike started handling badly and got worse. Tossed the SET after 1000 miles becasue they just suck on a bike that big and heavy. TRY the Kings Tire KT-966. Four of us on loaded XR's ran those tires and got outstanding mileage and wear and you can get em here at TT for under $100 a SET! The 5.10-18 is PERFECT for the big XR's. We were riding hiway speeds with fully loaded bikes on tarmac and gravel and got over 4,000 miles out of one rear, I personally got 4500 miles out of my rear and that was on the 4.60 rear. The fronts havent even begun to show wear at over 5500 miles!!! Some one said they had problems with a rear throwing knobs...mine showed some signs of tearing but...never got worse. If you need a GREAT 50/50 tires, you HAVE to try the KT-966..(Its a copy of the Dunlop k-750)


Yeah, I know, way too many variables....I read those same posts but had already purcheased the tires...

Just FYI---I ran the 4.60x18 KT966 at 36 PSI while hauling about 100-110 pounds of gear on a stock geared 94 XR650L. We ran a LOT of 70-75 MPH canadian pavement which can be VERY abrasive. I probably covered 2500 miles of pavement and 1000 miles of dirt road, gravel road, construction roads.... I feel the tires held up very good, and we did spend some time on wet roads. It is a fairly hard compound and depending on how old the tires are I am sure they wont be like a street tire on wet pavement. I checked my pressures every morning and always kept em at 36 until we got off the pavement.

Bottom line is...there are 4 guys who ride pretty hard on heavy XR's (we all have armor/racks on our bikes that add between 20-40 pounds to our bikes)

and we are ALL sold on the 966's...I dont know how you can beat that tire for the $$. We also ran em aired down to around 20PSI for a couple hundred miles at 50-60mph and no noticeable additional wear.

Are they pure off road way! Are they pure street tires...uhhh.NO!

but I would say as a 50/50 tire..They blow the Maxxis away. As with a lot of Maxxix tires...the first 50% of the life is great...but once they start wearing...forget it!

If you are ever passing thru Dawson City YT, stop and see Dick at the downtown hotel...He has my set of 50% worn 6006's and you're welcome to em!


well, I ordered the Maxxis yesterday, but turns out they are out of stock. So I'm getting the Kenda 270 Shredmasters instead. Cheap, also 50-50 - and we'll see how they wear on a light XR650R in commuter traffic and the occasional ATV trail run. Thing is that I'm getting a second set of wheels soon anyway - one for full dirt, the other for 90% street rubber.


part 3 of the tire saga - even the Kenda 270s are not in stock. Starting to wonder about this vendor ( - do they have any tires in stock?

Going for the 966s now - guess I should have listened to the recommendation in the first place :thumbsup:

I just ordered another set of the 966's right here at TT Store. $90 set pre-shipping and in stock, according to Brian...I think you will be happy with the Kings tire. They are a bit stiff to mount...the rear anyway. Just watch em in the wet till you get a feel for the tire.


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