jetting for the dunes

Do I need to change the jetting if I'm going to the dunes. I'm only at about 1000 feet in elevation right now. I don't want to because I'm an idiot with a wrench and don't want to mess up my bike. I'd like to just be able to unload it and ride. ???

01 wr426. I'm putting a paddle tire before I go but haven't bought one yet.


When we go out to the dunes from Tucson which is at around 2500ft we never rejet. The paddle is a must in my opinion, makes a really difference. The jetting should not be and issuse. Maybe play with you air screw just alittle, but that works for us here in Tucson. not that big a change from here to the dunes. GL :naughty:

If your bike runs good, I wouldn't change a thing....

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