Advice: WR450 vs WR250?

Yes I'm a newbie!

I'm getting back to the dirt after a lengthy departure. I sold everything bike related to race sports cars. I'm rusty but confident of my abilities.

I'm 44 years old, 6'1" tall and ~235lbs.

I've decided I want a "WR" but I'm getting conflicting signals from the "sales guys" and thought I'd ask the guys who know and ride these bikes.

I have absolutely no plans to race. I will ride the trails with my buddies and putt around with the kids. I want to buy the "right" WR for my size and needs. Ideally I would like to by one bike and hold onto it for awhile. I only want to make minor mods .... and I appreciate a quieter bike. The cost differential is not a big factor in the decision.

Is the WR450 too much bike for me? Do I need the extra power? (I know I want it!)

Does the WR250 have enough power to lug my rearend around? Especially if I only want minor mods?

Which bike will I be happier with both in the short and long term.

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated ... I hope to buy my new WR this weekend!

Thanks :naughty:



I got mine 7-8months ago and I'm glad I didn't get the 250.

Ok I guess I set my self up for the one-liners! ... :naughty:

Why the 450 over the 250? Greg .... why did you decide on the 450 vs. the 250?

Because of my size, it's the first bike I have owned and now that I have had a few hours on it I don't think I would have been happy with the 250, but I'm very happy with the 450.

I mainly do trails and single track and it's spot on for just riding with my mates(if I had any)

What one liner's?--------------------------------------you fat bastard!! :naughty:

Yes I'm a newbie!

I'm after a length from the "sales guys" and I will ride my buddies for awhile. The cost is not a big factor in the decision.

(I know I want it!) I only want minors?

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated ... I hope to buy this weekend!

Thanks :naughty:

It's not a one liner but it's the best I can do on short notice :D:naughty:

I am a total noob and i'm glad i didnt get the 250

Revs are the enemy of racing 4 stroke longevity. A lugged 450f will be much less maintainance than a revved 250f.

This is how it was explained to me when I was looking: 250 4-stroke is comparable to a 125 2-stroke & a 450 4-stroke is comparable to a 250 2-stroke. The 450 will not be too much bike - it is verrrrry controlable. :naughty: I got the 450 because of my size (240lb).

You will have to do the free mods, and the jetting to get it running right though. If you are worried about noise, you can get an exhaust insert (I've got the PMB) which is supposed to keep it around the 96 db level. good Luck.

Go with the 450. When you get down to size, the bikes are virtually identical. The real difference is in the performance of the motor. Rather to have the power available and not need it...

The 450 was my first off road bike ever, I love it, and feel that it is completely manageable. At your height, You may consider a set of low boy pegs.

The 250 is a good thing. The 450 is more of a good thing. If you are going to ride tighter stuff the 250 will be easier to toss around. The more open the trails the more the 450 shines. What do your buddies ride? Where will you ride? At your size either bike will be flickable. I've ridden all the Yammie's and although I liked the 250 it needed to be revved alot and ridden agrresively to get the most out of it. I traded to the 450 last year and it feels better to me because I don't have to ride it as hard, the power is controllable, and the grins are endless . . .

450 all the way. Nice to have the power when you need it. Also there will be FAR less shifting in your world with the 450. It is the rig of choice

I went from a KDX-200 to the 450, at first all that power right there was a little intimidating. It took no time till I couldn't get enough of it. I love the bike.

I hadn't rode in 23 years & when I went looking, I thought a 450 was too much bike so I bought one! I have done all the mods & jetting to make it more powerful than it was and I love it!! Get the 450, especially for trail & desert riding :naughty:

Do we see a trend here?

I agree with all of the posts. I went from an old IT200 to a WR450. I was concerned about it being too much but after a few minutes on it I wanted more power. Did the free mods and a few of the not free mods and now it is perfect. Plenty of power when I need it but totally controllable at all times. IMO the 450 would be a better all-around bike for you unless all you did was ride very tight trails.


450 is the way to go for bigger guys, I'm 275lbs and my 450 lugs me wherever I wanna go.

I also hadnt been on a bike for almost a decade before buying my 450, the power is deffinatly there if you want it, but very tame and controlable for a new rider (or old rider returning to 2 wheels) once you get more comfortable, just crack that throttle open and have all the power you could ever wish for :naughty:

Great info ... please keep it comming ... I do see a trend!

I am reading each post and appreciate the feedback tremendously ...

I just got back from a 3 day trip to Fish Springs/Bishop in Ca. I took my

2002 426(all mods and YZ pipe/timing). I put on about 250-300 miles

in some wild terrain from 4000 to 8000 feet. My brother in law just bought

the CRF250( which I'm assuming is like a WR250) and the difference

was huge in this area. From climbing huge volcanic hills from a dead stop to

wide open 5th gear on flat graded roads, the 426 just dominated the 250!

I rode his bike a few times( I'm 6'1 190 lbs) and I must say the CRF is a nice bike,But the power difference very noticeable. I think you'll regret not

getting the bigger motor.


The 450 will be much better for you. The power will be reasonable and in fact you are going to need to open up the riding compartment to make it comfortable, the 05 is going to be pretty cramped for a guy your size, I would think. That said...have you looked at a KTM 450 EXC? It might be an even better fit for your stated use. It has more plush suspension, it's a little bigger (taller/longer), and has a great motor, lighter too. The drawback is that it's more $$$.

Go big, or go home!!!

Seriously, you will be happier with the 450. You're not a small guy so I don't think you'll have a problem handling the 450 - just dont twist the throttle to fast until you get used to it. If you do, hang on for dear life!

Have fun and welcome back to the sport!!!!

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