My latest Mods, New Garage created...XR650L

Hey guys, just created my garage here on TT as I installed some new mods on Sunday.

My 2003 XR650L was dying for some fork mods so I installed the SRC fork brace, guards and mud guard/seal savers. It wasnt too hard to install, remove wheel, forks etc and install :naughty: Also added a Baja Skid Plate ! Scroll down to see the Fork mods area and click camera icon for close up....

Please take a moment to look at my efforts to make my L model "cool"..he he

thx :naughty:


Nice bike!! Get rid of that front tire and put a 606 or a Kenda Trackmaster on and you'll be set. Also the best mod I did to my L was put a set of CR High Bends on. You won't belive how much better the bike feels and handles. It's like the bike loses 20 pounds. :naughty::naughty:

Nice pics Jim,

I like the tail light. Just tried to install my Maier's XR-style one but it doesn't cover the original holes completely so I stooped that for now. Where did you get yours??


Nice pics, Looks great.............. :naughty:

got light from there, very slow shipping though (3 weeks). And I cut part of the rubber from stock housing and used contact cement to hide wiring for a special touch on install. I will install a front dunlop when this ones bad, and am looking into some good bars now. Also want a set of good hand guards. Next mods will be a Clarke tank and a lowering link for rear. I am getting there, bought bike stock 5 months ago :naughty:

Looks great Justice! I will be starting some mods on mine this weekend, picked up an 03 as well. Was there many holes to cover with the new light? I was also wondering if that is the stock fender?

Justice FYI, I noticed you mounted the SRC fork guards, nice units. However, watch the lefthand side one. The one the brakeline routes up. You need to remove the original brass fork mounted brakeline holder just below it. The one with the two 10mm socket bolts. When you bottom your suspension it will hit this fitting and break the plastic guard off as mine did. I called SRC to complain and they said it was due to this. Would've been nice if it came with some instructions, yah know? Anyhow they replaced it as a warranty item but to buy a new one cost $30. Mine snapped off 1 mile into the bummer.

Where did you get your pipe for only $200.00?

MrGraham, The light bolted up perfect and had correct mounting and wiring to cover stock holes, yes stock rear fender. And I got the pipe off E-Bay for $200 with no tax or shipping since the seller lived 15min from my house :naughty:

Just search XR650L pipe to see their pipes on auction, seller is Cindy..something. I would find their auction and "ask seller question" to see if they will sell you one for $200 since they did to your "friend"...may work ! :naughty:

TimBRP...thanks for the tip, I am going to look into this ASAP and fix. :D


I took a look and removed the clamp, used 2 black industrial strength zip-ties with the steel inserts and then fastened brake line through the fork bracket holes, easy/solid fix.

Thanks so much for saving me a BS problem to deal with...huge ! :D



Thanks, I'll look em up! Thanks for the heads up on the fork guard Tim!

No problem guys. Justice-I did the same as you with the zipties. However, SRC states you don't even need this bracket as the rubber mound you put on for the guards/brace holds the line effectively. I call BS on this claim as my brake line rubbed my spokes all day. Thank god I changed to steel braided.

Thanks Justice! and thanks for the heads up TIM!!

Yeah..I got steel braided on my list of mods, can get both for $90 on Ebay. My buddy just put them on and said bike stops on a dime compared to stock lines !

It stops very well now. The main reason was to rid the bike of the "mushy" feeling you get when they get out. So far so good. Secondly you can get brandy new Galfer steel lines for $45 each from Rocky Mountain MC. You can even get different color lines too.

Man...I still need a tank, Acerbis hand guards, Pro-Tapers, Thermo dipstick, SRC oil cooler, Lowering link,XR400 front fender, braided brake lines, IMS footpegs and brake/shifter levers, mirror swivel mounts... :D

Damn MODDING !!!! :)

does it ever end ??? :)

Nope not at all. I've got every mod you can basically get for mine and there's still more out there...

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