Alright i'm a little board waiting to go riding. I was just wondering who has done the longest wheelie? I'm sure I've done over a mile (road) and I always seem to run out of trail when I'm passing KLX's and TTR's on the rear wheel (thru the whoops!) Don't tell mom.

I wheelie for 2 miles....no....4 miles....no no....6 miles. Yeah, that's the ticket....I wheelie 6 miles and only have to drop the front end long enough to refill the carb with gas. Yeah!

I have been wheelying non stop for 20 years. I fill up with petrol much like in- flight refueling aircraft. A guy in a truck comes by and hands me food. I use a downlink satellite connection with this laptop that is strapped to my tank. I have learned to use hypnosis to drive my bike while sleeping. I think I have wheelied something like 2 light years (186,000 miles per second X 60 seconds X 60 minutes X 24 hours X 365 days X 2 years). So I am pretty good...Just ask me!

I haven't tried it with my wr400, but with my husky 360. I could ride wheelies down hills around turns and have even come off small jumps landed on the back wheel and rode for awhile..

lots of fun how far I don't know I use the back brake, and go

I have a buddy that has a KX250 and I have always considered him the wheelie king. You know, ride for a zillion miles on the rear wheel, around corners, etc. But 3 weeles ago I got to see him first hand loop it out riding a wheelie. After we knew he was Ok all we could do was laugh.

He wasnt laughing though. Bent subframe, broken rear fender and a FMF scilencer doubled in two. It will always be able to replay that crash in my head over and over. :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Hey guys while your doing the math figure that a one mile wheelie takes only a minute at sixty mph and if the carb ran out of gas on a wheelie it would on a hill climb too. Since I'm sure there still are non-believers in the wheelie world I'll give you my drill. Try it only if your capable please. (1) Start on level ground at 30-35 mph in high gear (2) stand up,lean back and lock your legs to the seat (feels real good) (3) pull hard on the bars and gas it USE THE REAR BRAKE to adjust speed/wheelie height the magic yamaha 4-stroke make this Childs Play. After some practice you'll find yourself runnin out of motor (80+.) If your worried about falling stay in bed.

Whaattevver Schmitty....

HA! Me wheelie? Good one!

I'm gonna put on a 10 tooth rear sprocket and add a Banks supercharger and use nitromethane....no no...nitropropane...and wheelie to 189mph. Yeah! Don't tell the nun at school...she whacks my fingers with that damn ruler!

Is it easier to control equilibrium with rear brake or with compression???

I have wheelied so long, my front tire is still brand new. Never touched the ground. When I am not riding a wheelie my bike is parked in a vertical position against my wall. I never want to replace the front tire.

Only had one close call which was off of a 50 ft vertical drop, pulled it off though.

Mike :)

My equillibrium improved once I stole the nun's finger whacking ruler. I don't use any compression or brakes. I don't even use footpegs. I stand on the seat because the cover is split and it pinches my tush.

Alot of guys pull the plastic off their new bikes, I usually take off the front tire and wheel. I will admit that keeping the wheelie on long, steep, rocky eastern Ky downhills is tough sometimes... somebody's got to do it.... :)

I practice riding wheelies up hills so that my front tire isn't as far off the ground. I was practicing on this hill and things were going good so I kept it going once I made it to the top I turned around still on the rear wheel and noticed this sign that said Mt. Everest elevation 12,500ft I was begining to wonder why it was getting so cold, no jetting problems though :)

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